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You’ve decided to make a change? That’s awesome. Revive is a brand new app that helps you reach your health and weight loss goals with an awesome approach. No calorie counting, but better portion control, and daily personal coaching tips! Everything you need to create better habits and learn how to make healthier choices consistently.

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Follow a customised plan

Find simple & actionnable steps,
build your weight loss momentum

Log Log your
Weight Weight-in
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Challenge Challenge yourself
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Who said food tracking has to be boring?

The old way Searching for individual meal items and counting each calorie. Fastidious Spending as much time loggin your meals as you did eating them?
No thanks !
Complex Getting bogged down in details instead of seeing the big picture Unecessary Study shows it's never as simple as calories in/calories out.
The new way Hassle free food habit tracking: less calorie counting, more results ! Quick and easy A few simple taps to log your meals
Focused on what matters Your success will stem from healthy lasting habits, not from doing calorie math everyday
It works! Approach used by top nutritionist to help people loose weight
Find your own path to weight loss
A coach in your pocket.
Revive designs your weight loss journey with personnalized tips,
challenges & menus that work for you
Learn what works for you
Eating veggies, super easy ! Check
Sleep and weight loss Check
Maintain momentum Check
False sugar
Get healthy food inspiration Get healthy food
Polaroïd recipes
Team up with a real dietician Because nothing replace a human touch: you can select
our 1:1 coaching plan to keep your motivation levels up.
Consistency is key
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